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I saw this video on Tik Tok; and immediately thought of my second wife’s attorneys, (there were only three, though) she loosed on me to clean me out, saddle me with child support, pay for her lawyers and push off $60,000 of her bad-business-debt on me. It is exactly how I felt after four years carrying her and her four kids on my back, and then being booted, served with divorce papers, granted less than 12 days a year visitation  and having the hounds loosed on me. I just tried to cover my face and prayed for her to stop. Only took nine months of sifting me and my business for every last dime before they left my bones picked clean.
TMI? Probably….and she can remain anonymous for all I care. This is my relevant experience, not hers. Shared, because it shaped the man my friends know now, versus the fellow I was before. And I’m quite diminished,  different.


Dr Erik Johnson

Dr Erik Johnson is a Marietta, Georgia Veterinarian with a practice in small animal medicine. He graduated from University of Georgia with his Doctorate in 1991. Dr Johnson is the author of several texts on Koi and Pond Fish Health and Disease as well as numerous articles on dog and cat health topics.