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To be anybody on the internet, you need to trade links. My site is in the top ONE HALF a percent of websites today. That means that 0.5% of all web sites are ‘more popular’ than mine.

Which isn’t saying much since there are a hundred and ninety billion web sites or something.

There’s even a link exchange for “Friends of Doc’s”

If you exchange links with me, we BOTH get bumped up, and more likely to be found in searches. It might not matter to you, but I’d still appreciate it. There’s even a link exchange for “Friends of Doc’s”

Will you help me? The form is below these links to my links, heh heh!

Not required if you're just linking from a 'site' or business.
Please tell me the site you'd like me to link to. I'll look for a reciprocal link and then post yours.
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