Trichodina Ciliated Protozoan Parasite, Symptoms Identification and Treatment

Trichodina This saucer-shaped parasite is over-rated in its pathogenicity (not a big fish killer by itself but sure does cause self injury.) although I have seen it cause spider web lesions in the skins of Koi. The most serious damage it may do is to the gills of smaller fishes. This is one of two … Read more

Chilodonella Symptoms and Treatment

Chilodonella is one of the hottest fish killers there is. It’s a ciliated protozoan parasite. Under the scope you may see a heartshaped organism, or a large round organism full of tiny bubbles. Alive, the Chilodonella resembles a heart shaped onion, with a fuzzy end where you could imagine the onions roots would be. These … Read more