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I’m going to be listing pond installers that I know, and the ones that are CAC (Certified Aquascape) Contractors.

Pond Installers

Finding a pond installer is not always easy. Some hold themselves out as experts and only know how to install ONE kind of pond, which is great if that’s the kind of pond you want! đŸ™‚

All I know is, GET and CALL references. See a picture book. Pay for an on site evaluation. This is NOT just for them to ‘size up’ the job (those consults should be free). This is an opportunity (which should be paid for) for you to learn:

  • The “ins and outs” of different designs and positions in your yard
  • The expertise of the installer – their chance to impress.
  • What kinds of ponds and fish, as well as filtration, are currently available.
  • If it’s not educational, do NOT pay for the consult.

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