Phycox Glucosamine, Vitamin and Anti-inflammatory

What’s so great about Phycox?

Well I’ve gotten older and there’s some pain in aging and some creaking joints.

Nothing different for old dogs. They creak and groan a little, too. Here’s where “Phycox” comes in. Phycox is a chewable ‘treat’ that you can give your dog to help with several aspects of aging.

Phycox has

  1. Three natural antioxidants
  2. A potent multivitamin
  3. Glucosamine/Chondroitin and MSM

For less than Dasequin or Cosequin

Phycox is the answer to supplementing arthritis with glucosamine but there’s SO much more to it. In this document I explain how Phycox provides the benefits of five other arthritis modalities but ALSO where it falls short.

What’s So Great About Phycox? PDF read online or download

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