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Older Dog Resources
If you are the parent of a *senior* dog; consider also looking at:

That’s a couple pages on how “arthritis” isn’t *just* soreness. And why medicine just for soreness isn’t completely effective.

Then ‘keyword’ the following in the site for some of the most important over-the-counter advances in geriatric care:
#vitamin c
#rhizoma coptidis

The number one limiting factor to lifespan in senior dogs is their *weight*. For small breeds that’s cardiopulmonary hypertension, but for larger dogs it’s ‘Can’t Walk Anymore Day’ and the stories are sad.

Finally: Nobodies dog should go to Sleep for arthritis before at least trying “Triad” of three cheap(ish) medicines.

Sufficiently overloaded? LOL
Good! It’s amazing what you can do with old timers these days.

The triad article has a dosing algorithm, you can print and take to your vet.
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Sent from Dr Erik Johnson – Veterinarian

bookmark_borderWould YOU become a Vet?

Eight years of college; and Vets graduate to a job paying roughly $35 an hour.
Odds are high that you’d go to work for a veterinary corporation that REQUIRES you to run unnecessary diagnostics and upsell products and services to earn up to 15% of your production. Basically, a corporate treadmill, pimping your degree.
And it’s no surprise that Veterinarians are in high demand to get behind the counter in the seemingly endless number of Quickie, Express and Affordable mass-production-high-margin pop-ups.
High-volume wellness exams and random vaccination administration isn’t REALLY why most kids become Vets. Skill, and animal recovery, are.
Corporations commoditizing Vet Medicine will kill it. And the loss of Independent, experienced vets who are at liberty to treat pets individually will end the lives of any pet that needed more than ‘ One size fits all corporate policy’ treatments.

bookmark_borderBrisket Cookin’

Total cook/rest time: 17-18hrs
Set smoker to 195F and let reach temp.
Add brisket with plenty of wood overnight.
Let smoke 8 hrs.
Remove brisket and wrap in butcher paper. Brisket should be 150F at this point.
Increase smoker temp to 250F and let Brisket smoke until 200F. This should take approximately 8 hrs.
Once Brisket reaches 200F, remove it and place inside a dry cooler for 2 hrs to rest. Do not remove butcher paper.
Unwrap, slice and feast.

bookmark_borderRegarding Crusts and Scabs and Fingernails, Ewwwww!

“Crusts and Flakes are the LEADING cause of *continued* skin trouble, *recurrent* infections, and *delayed* or negative wound healing. You’ve GOT to get ahead of crusts. *They are NOT permissible.* ”
The following is a PDF file, free for you to use that explains the ‘problems’ that the crusts and scabs cause. You just gotta get those gone.
Doc Johnson

bookmark_borderPumpkin Ice Cubes!

I just wanted to share this brilliant idea I got from a customer who takes canned pumpkin and beats it up and put it into ice cube trays then she pokes whole frozen blueberries down into the middle. She serves those frozen to her dogs to delight in a chewy frozen treat with a blueberry center! And on top of that, it does wonderful things for their bowel. High in soluble fiber. When you purchase your canned pumpkin, look for 100% pumpkin because sometimes it’s made out of yellow squash and some orange food color.

bookmark_borderSedation For Grooming Dogs?

Your vet has a ‘Vodka Tonic’ in pill form. 😉 And a combo (adding the olive/limepeel) could potentially allow him to (almost) enjoy it. 🤗Trazadone + diazepam could be tried on for size (an example). It’s neither for the vet NOR the groomer because THEY can certainly physically ‘control’ the dog. But it’s just so much more chill FOR THE DOG. 🤗 What you REALLY don’t want is a team saying: “We can trim ANY dog’s nails, no matter how bad” because THAT could be a muzzle, choke pole and three unnecessarily strong people laying on him. At that rate, nail trims become harder and harder. With some happy pills, they usually get easier and easier. I’ll always choose Pharmacy over Harm-acy, any day.
If your groomer suggests a happy pill, don’t hate on the groomer, they’re being classy enough not to simply use a ‘headlock, full Nelson and up on the ropes and down he goes that was a hard one Frank it sure was John that really rang his bell let’s look at the replay’ …
German shepherds are patient, to a point. But they are very intelligent too and can get their ‘feelings’ hurt and can even be a little bit ‘grudgy’. Sort of like ex-wives….
PS: Done by a stranger, my spoiled brat Ajax would be utterly terrible for a nail trim and as such, I’d fear for his handling by brave, but ‘gitterdone’-type folks who’d take him on like a ‘challenge’. Nope. I would knock his a$$ OUT and send him in so he’d pretty much hold his hand out, and maybe lick their faces.

bookmark_borderDon’t Board at the Vets.

Board your pets at a boarding facility made for boarding, socializing and fun.
In 1995 when I opened my veterinary hospital I made an extremely expensive decision. I decided I was not going to board animals at my hospital. By all estimates that has cost me more than $4.7 million since then.
It’s just because I have worked at veterinary hospitals since I was 16 years old and if avoidable, you don’t put healthy animals in the hospital with sick ones. I want my dog to be handled by people with time to pay attention to the boarding process and not distracted by medicine cases and appointments, and I don’t want some high-school kid with germy hands taking my dog out for a brief walk before racing back in to help the doctor.
As a customer I would also be inclined to take-a-pass on the ‘free exam’ a few Vets might offer all boarding pets; because such exams can lead to frivolous diagnoses and treatments that me and my regular Vet might very well have left alone, or were already being managed more cost-effectively “our way”.
In summary: Next time you’re in Atlanta, stay at the Radisson, not upstairs at Grady. It’s safer and lots more fun.
I don’t board pets and that’s for them, certainly not for me. I believe this almost five million dollars strong. That’s putting your money where your mouth is.
Dr Erik Johnson