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Cat in a tree

That cat is going to hate it so so so so much. Here are the problems. Firetruck boom ladders can’t reach cats *that* deep in the foliage. The truck has to get close to the tree (<30ft) and then the ladder has to get to a major branch.. I am 100% sure it can get down. I am 100% sure that there is going to be some “controlled” (skilled) falling. I am 90% sure they are going to be bruised ribs but no broken bones nor notable injury. That cat is going to have to drop from branch to branch. To get to the next big branch then it can run down. It’s gonna take a while. And a little desperation. And there’s gonna be a little bit of falling. It WILL survive to come down if it has nails. But it couldn’t have gotten up there without nails. It will not come down for food. It will endanger it if you try to shoot it with a hose. All the different things that people do to try to rush it, When in fact what it needs to do is calm its brain, take deep breaths, make a hundred wind speed and distance calculations, assess each branch around it for the best option, and then go for it. “And the cat has climbed higher onto the tree “ Sometimes they go two or three branches higher just to get around to the other side of the tree where THOSE branches are oriented like steps back down to the ground. It never makes sense to the folks standing around the tree. But to a cat, whose mind is working like a machine, it’s really all right. If they start to meow, typically they’re saying “leave me alone, don’t rush me, I’m thinking here.” It will not starve. It will not die of thirst. Dying of thirst takes at least 72 hours. Not kidding. Cats usually get desperate at night fall, and they’ll leap from whatever branch to the trunk of the tree and literally run, down the tree. I’ve never even heard of this in real life: a cat that’s still in the tree in the morning. I’m sure there’s a video of one. But 99% of cats get down within 24 hours If by some miracle, it is still there in the morning, you *should* call somebody with a really tall ladder and a thick leather coat LOL If it actually “falls” (as if somehow it’s agility has abandoned it), it will fall a few feet, and grab a branch. And may decide to do it that way all the way to the ground. The only, I repeat, the only cats that are jacked: Are the ones above 24’ - 30’ with zero branches below it. *and* no way to get back to the trunk.

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Hi, I’m Nala, you might remember me, I’m the adorable Chihuahua mix that you ‘tortured’ at your office a while ago. Well, as you can see in my sad face, I’m being ignored. Why, you ask? Well my moms are eating and apparently I can’t have any of their food. I’ve heard you said so. Man, why did you do this? Can you fix the situation? I’m not starving but that garlic bread looks and smell delicious. Help me!!!