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Here's a list of the people who were on site and built my pond.

Ed Beaulieu, Jacob Carter & Tommy Hill (Bobcat), Mark Willoughby, Tony Watkins, "Cutie-John" Stehmeier, Joe "Nice Nips" Butler, Richard Panten, Mark Carter, Jeremy Anders, Lee Vought, Robby Mitchell, John Cenicola, Ryan Singleton, Joe Higginbotham, Dale "Whoa" Vnuk (Backhoe), Eric PondDigger Triplett, Jo Carter, Dan Bitcom (Videographer), Randy Young, Sam Brawner, BJ Linger, Chris "Shu" Tallerico, Mike Heron, David Panten, Andy "Super Scalp" Gundrum, Mike Reagor, Dave Blocksom, Brian Dahle, Ed and Tara Gallagher

Advanced Aquascape™ pond, two-belly design, 6x6 upflow aggregate filter w/ 9,000gph pump feeding falls.

June 13th 2006 - Added bio for Lee Vought
June 6th, 2006 - Added bio for John Cenicola. I also want you to have a link to the very important CWIC document, never do a manual water change again.
New sections planned:
Special section, BJL Aquascapes landscape -
BJ Linger and his guys, Chris Tallerica and Mike Reagor as well as Brian Speed spent more than a week on the pond making it gorgeous. A section is planned to feature and spotlight this development. Schematics of the filters are being drawn. Aerial view drawings are being prepared. Spotlight on plants - the plants in and around the pond will be identified and described.
June 2, 2006 - Added Brian Dahle's bio.
June 1, 2006 - Added (3) bios from the Pantens and Mark Carter. (Bios) The last of the sod is down and the pond looks GREAT! The fish are eating tadpoles and the little tadpoles are becoming frogs, and my dog Bailey laps them off the rocks and sides of the pond like raisins! Ee-e-ewwwww! No kisses from Bailey! We found three water snakes in the pond eating the tadpoles, and we even had a little, tiny baby snapping turtle as big as a fifty-cent piece in the pond! I had the kids toss him back in, "He won't eat enough fish at this size for anyone to notice!" I suggested.

NOTELadies and gentlemen who helped build the pond, please send your biographicals!!!

Also, check out a few of my favorite images from the pond build....There's a lot more to come!

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