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The following are resources to find a fish vet.

American Association of Fish Veterinarians
The AAFV is an association of North American veterinarians who practice veterinary medicine on fish - either as part of their traditional practice; with or alongside their institutional employment; or as their main species group within their "fish practice".

The IAAAM is an organization of individuals who are professionally interested in and devote a significant amount of time to the practice of aquatic animal medicine, teaching and research in aquatic animal medicine, or the husbandry and management of aquatic animals.

WAVMA is a conduit of shared knowledge to improve, promote and expand aquatic veterinary medicine. WAVMA is an altruistic organisation prepared to share and build resources for the benefit of the aquatic veterinary community globally.

Aquatic Animal Health - Univ. Fla
Our mission is to provide sustainable state of the art training, education, diagnostics, and research support for managed care and wild aquatic species.

NOAA Fisheries Vets
NOAA Fisheries is responsible for the stewardship of the nation's ocean resources and their habitat. We provide vital services for the nation: productive and sustainable fisheries, safe sources of seafood, the recovery and conservation of protected resources, and healthy ecosystems—all backed by sound science and an ecosystem-based approach to management.

Use the form below to add yourself to DrJohnson.com as someone who treats fish. The listing is absolutely free. And stays on the site til you ask me to take it down.

Don't forget area code, please: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
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You may practice on Walruses or Penguins for all I know ha ha ha! Checkbox "Aquatic Animals" for nonfish aquatic life.
If you don't make housecalls, and clients come to you, here's where you indicate that.
Clients wonder if it's expensive having a fish housecall. In your area, what might that first visit and analysis cost? Optional.
How many years in practice, mission statement, anything else we should know?

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