Covid 19: How a 3 Week Lockdown Could Stop the Pandemic

Covid 19: Why, and interestingly HOW a 3 Week Lockdown Could Impact the Pandemic

First, this is a little bit like some Liberal College Students saying “The US should pay for free college educations and free health care” (Not thinking about whether it’s actually even possible.)

So when I mention a 3 week total lock-down for a 99% reduction in virus transmission  – and a hard-stop to the pandemic….I realize that’s never happening because many Americans are thinking: “I’m too young to die from Covid, so…. Who’s going to the beach with me?”

But. If we all went indoors for three weeks – -the virus would infect no more people. While we were all hiding indoors, people at home or in the hospital who are infected with the virus would die or get well (they’re doing that anyway) and at the end of three weeks we’d walk out into a nation where everyone’s either OVER it, or UNinfected.

The following video is NOT banging the “lockdown drum” at all. It’s just an EASY education on how pandemics work and can be managed. Extremely useful.

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