Ear Infections in Dogs: How To Treat Ear Infections / Canine

Image 123rf Dog ear Infection - How to control ear infections in dogs

Ear Medication Routine – CHRONIC otitis externa For a routine ear infection – we usually use one medicine which is supposed to kill the germs or yeasts (or both) that are observed in the ear. It’s simple: The ear’s messed up – we put medicine in there for a week, and bang – all better. BUT NOo-o-o-o-oo   sometimes additional factors like … Read more

Lyme Disease: A Big Deal? Yeah. Maybe.


Lyme’s Disease In 2000 they did a study in Georgia and the DNR found that only one in twenty ticks carried Lyme’s borrelia bacteria. Lyme’s Disease is often talked about, and for good reason. In the Northeastern United States, it is safe to assume that if your dog carries ticks at all, it will be … Read more

Heartworm Disease: Bet You Didn’t Know THIS!

One of the more common deadly diseases of dogs is heartworm disease, which can be prevented. Heartworm disease is  also possible in cats, but can occur in cats with about the frequency of winning the lottery. The adult worms live inside the dog’s heart. They will cause heart disease, including failure of the valves to … Read more

Dental Health: Canine Oral Health and Bacterial Infections

Dog, rotting teeth hurt

ROTTEN TEETH Please look at this subject from your dog’s viewpoint. We would not accept our dog’s oral health in a person. It has almost nothing to do with the way the teeth look. Here’s the impact of dental rot: 1. Stink – To you, and even more so, to your dog. 2. Taste Bad – Imagine eating food … Read more