Buying Potent CBD – How to Recognize Zero-CBD Formulations

Author:  Alexandra Doherty

Senior Copywriter, CBD

Buying Potent CBD – How to Recognize Zero-CBD

Medical marijuana has grown in popularity in recent years as it possesses several curative properties. However, the market remains  saturated with several products that offer fake credentials and  baseless health claims. As consumers, individuals must ensure they  research their products to prevent purchasing scrupulous items. Not only do such artificial products not offer any of CBD’s benefits, but they might also contain low-quality ingredients and toxins. Hence,
consumers must find a way to recognize zero-CBD formulations and genuine extracts. Read on to learn more about buying potent cannabidiol products and what you need to look out for to purchase high-quality items.
Reading Product Labels When Purchasing Hemp Products
Maybe you want to take hemp products to ease your chronic pain, inflammation, or anxiety. If that is the case, you need to make sure you read the product carefully and understand it wholly before purchasing. However, this process can be challenging and  overwhelming, especially to those new to CBD. Additionally, the process becomes more complicated as the US Food and
Drug Administration doesn’t approve nonprescription hemp products. Hence, it is the responsibility of the consumer to do their research, read about the basics on sites like Ministry of Hemp, and go through testing reports before they make a decision. Let us now take a quick look at some cannabis-related words to build your CBD vocabulary.
1. CBD: Better known as cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabinoid that does not possess any psychoactive ingredients.
2. THC: Better known as tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is a  cannabinoid that produces the intoxicating effect synonymous with marijuana.
3. Hemp: An industrial cannabis strain that contains less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol. Products derived from hemp contain little THC, making it less likely for them to show up on a drug test.
4. Marijuana: A type of cannabis plant that contains higher levels of THC. Both hemp and marijuana help with the extraction of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. These produce a psychoactive effect and will most definitely show up on any state-administered drug test.
5. Entourage effect: A phenomenon by which products that contain both cannabidiol and THC tend to work better. They complement each other, leading to better performance when compared to individual dosages of either.
6. Full-spectrum: Goods hold all naturally available compounds found in the cannabis plant. However, as discussed, products derived from hemp plants carry lower amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol.
7. Broad-spectrum: Compounds that contain all naturally occurring substances, barring a little or no THC.
8. Isolate: The purest form of cannabinoids that contains only one type of substance extracted through chemical isolation methods from the other elements.
9. Cannabinoids: Compounds found within the cannabis plant interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system.
10. Terpenes and flavonoids: Other plant compounds that possess therapeutic and medicinal properties, including boosting our immune system.
How to Buy Potent CBD Formulations

1. Once you have consulted your doctor and decided what type of product you wish to buy, check the ingredient list. Always opt for products that use organic, natural, and American-grown hemp or marijuana for the highest quality compounds. Additionally,
make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient mentioned on the list to prevent adverse reactions.

2. Only buy products that exclusively say CBD oil or hemp extract as there are several fake products on the market that contain no cannabidiol. To ensure you aren’t wasting your money, avoid products that mention hemp seeds, cannabis seed oil, and other such buzz words. These ingredients are not the same as hemp extracts or CBD hemp oil, and hence you must avoid them.

3. Check the quality of the carrier oil added to preserve and stabilize and CBD extracts in the product. Always opt for products that use high-quality MCT, olive, grapeseed, or hemp seed oil as carriers. Additionally, formulations may contain coloring agents and
natural or artificial flavoring substances.
4. All reputable companies that deal in hemp extracts will provide a Certificate of Analysis for their products. Only purchase from such companies to ensure you obtain high- quality products. These third-party laboratory test reports help consumers gauge the quality of the product and understand the ingredients used. In case the company website does not contain a copy of the CoA, email the agents and ask for the same.
5. Double-check if the dosage and concentrations listed on the CoA match those on the product’s label. Consumers need to watch out for labeling inaccuracies, as it is a common issue within the industry. Studies show that as high as 31% of all products in the cannabis market have incorrect labels.

6. Look for the product’s cannabinoid profile to ensure what you are buying is what you need. Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products must list other ingredients, such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and CBDA. Additionally, ensure the tincture or oil does not contain trace
amounts of molds, pesticides, or heavy metals.
7. To prevent confusion regarding dosage, look for the milligrams per ml potency on product labels, as this determines the item’s concentration. For instance, if you buy edibles that claim to have 300mg on the label and contain ten goods, each will provide
just 10mg of CBD.

Here’s a quick list of the places from where you can buy reputable hemp products;
● Direct from hemp retailers
● Cannabis dispensaries in legal states
● Trusted compounding pharmacies
● Online stores from companies you trust
● Avoid Amazon as they don’t sell products containing genuine cannabidiol.
How to Recognize Zero-CBD Formulations and Fake Products

1. Avoid brands that offer genuine products at dirt-cheap prices because that is suspicious and uneconomical. Additionally, research brands to prevent yourself from falling prey to companies that market cheap knockoffs at exorbitant rates.
2. Stay away from unregulated sources that don’t provide any proof of authenticity via test reports, certifications, and details regarding raw-material sources.
3. Since the process of hemp extraction requires complex equipment and compliance norms, the overall price of a high-quality product might be high. Therefore, avoid companies that seem to be giving away free trials, goodies, or one-time limited deals.
4. Several brands trick consumers by offering zero-CBD formulations by marketing hemp seed oil as cannabidiol oil. However, both are very different, and consumers shouldn’t
confuse one with the other. The hemp seed oil contains very few, if any, cannabinoids.
5. Avoid any brands that have the following issues:
● Unclear information on the label
● Websites with outdated English and frequent grammatical errors
● Lack of transparency
● No third-party lab reports even after requesting them for the same
● Support fake marketing campaigns with baseless health claims

Like with any other product, consumers need to do their due diligence before purchasing hemp products. Not only will this help them avoid fraud, but it will also help them achieve their results
faster. Consumers can save a lot of time and effort by following the guidelines listed above to recognize zero-CBD formulations. Additionally, if you’re considering using such products, make
sure you talk to your doctor first to avoid drug interactions. Let us know in the comments below the brands and companies you trust while buying hemp products!

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