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Our staff has been selected from applicants who are referred by our own employees and friends, who are good with people, good with pets, and details-oriented in the pharmacy.

Heather (Bionic Woman)
Is our hospital administrator and has been with JVS since the start of our practice; since 1996 . She was the first technician I ever hired. She's got a TON of experience. She's the second best animal handler in the county. (I am the best /cough) and she runs the clinic - which is good because I sure wouldn't wanna do it. She lets me focus on the practice of Vet medicine. Heather leads our customer-satisfaction efforts. She is details-oriented, pet-and-office knowledgeable and experienced. She knows exactly what I will say before I even say it. I'm working on her to let me post a picture on here because as those of you who have met her are aware, she's Hollywood beautiful.

Rebecca (Super Girl) has been with us for years and is a longtime, part-timer. I ask her to work full time constantly, and she says 'no'. One day maybe. She's entirely sane and brings us all down to earth when she comes in. She is our ray of sunshine. You can probably expect to encounter Rebecca about once a week. We always look forward to it.

Jaqueline - Jaqueline has been with JVS for quite a while now and has picked up a lot of expertise. She's great on the phone and is a true pet lover. She's going to deal with people and pets with a lot of empathy and she's a lot like me, she tries to see things through the the lens of "her own pet" and what she might think, feel or do if it were her own. She's a top notch asset to the clinic. Down to earth. Ask her about Harley Davidson.

Danielle - Danielle I might call "Strongy or "Red" because she's both. Shes been with JVS a while and is picking up skills. Her forte is attention to detail and learning fast. She can pick up pretty big dogs and she's professional. She's thinking about a career in the human-medical profession.

Hailey - Comes from a long line of animal profession talent. Her mom is a friend of the clinic and mine and Heather's. I've known Hailey since she was born, pretty much. She's got a terrific sense of humor and a sense for the absurd. She's an animal lover and has a practicality uncommon in kids her age. Serious when necessary and learning fast.

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