Our staff has been selected from applicants who are referred by our own employees and friends, who are good with people, good with pets, and details-oriented in the pharmacy.

Heather (Bionic Woman)
Is our hospital administrator and has been with JVS since the start of our practice; since 1996 . She was the first technician I ever hired. She's got a TON of experience. She's the second best animal handler in the county. (I am the best /cough) and she runs the clinic - which is good because I sure wouldn't wanna do it. She lets me focus on the practice of Vet medicine. Heather leads our customer-satisfaction efforts. She is details-oriented, pet-and-office knowledgeable and experienced. She knows exactly what I will say before I even say it. I'm working on her to let me post a picture on here because as those of you who have met her are aware, she's Hollywood beautiful.

Alyson (Blond Phantom) is our "sometimes" technician since her robust start on a growing family, and has been with us for over 7 years. (God, has it been that long??) She is a very capable animal handler, and is good with people. On average, this elusive creature can be found at the clinic once or twice a month helping out. She keeps us on our feet with her witty humor and funny personality. You never know what to expect..

"G" (Sarah) (Cat Woman) our main assistant-slash-technician and "cat whisperer". Sarah has a good personality, cares a great deal about pets and their people and brings a lot to her job. She's a good handler, nice to the pets, efficient at the counter, fun to work with and caring in the exam rooms. We have Sarah a lot of days every week, but her schedule varies as her momma responsibilities change.

Rebecca (Super Girl) has been with us for years and is a longtime, part-timer. I ask her to work full time constantly, and she says 'no'. One day maybe. She's entirely sane and brings us all down to earth when she comes in. She is our ray of sunshine. You can probably expect to encounter Rebecca about once a week. We always look forward to it.

Jesse (the Mad Monk) is comparatively new to JVS but brings SO much enthusiasm to customer service and care for the animals. Jesse is an Army Combat-Medic veteran though he is still in his early twenties. He never saw combat, but still stitched up a lot of cracked crowns and set lots of broken arms and noses from various shenanigans on and off the bases. One day, Jesse will probably follow his dreams through Vet School. In the meantime, he's our personal playful "Otter" and cheerleader. Jesse is doing a great job.

DRJOHNSON.COM is the homepage for Dr Erik Johnson's online educational outreach program. The site contains articles and information of interest to hobbyists of rather a few different kinds of pets.

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