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My MAIN specialization is that I will treat your animal like it was my own - no more, no less. I will always explain your least to most option, as far as labs, techniques and diagnostics - but then I will tell you in plain terms "What I would do if this were Bailey" (my dog)

This is an interesting article to write because it sort of depends on what one would think a specialty should be. Sometimes a specialty is something you specifically went to college to do, like; there are "boarded" surgical and internal medicine specialists.

These folks excelled in their respective fields by being brighter-than-average and going to post-graduate programs including residencies. Then they test and pass a sort of "bar" exam. Those are boarded specialists and represent the cream of the crop.

Others, such as myself, do not represent that I am 'boarded', but that doesn't take away from the fact that I am great at one thing, not as great at others. For example, I am really proficient at reconstructive surgeries of the skin. But I don't want to do gland resections under the tail and I won't perform an anastomosis on the intestine. No possible way.

Surgical Specialties

V-Plasty, Patellar Luxation, feline vasectomy, fish surgery, aural hematoma and other plastic surgery.

Exam Specialties

I have two unique abilities. I am able to parse information through more than the usual single-tier, 'yes-or-no' filter - and create a reliable rule-out list based on facts gathered from a careful physical examination. It sounds like a simple thing, which it is, but most human brains don't compare and apple and an orange on more than one level at exactly the same time.

More recently I have found value in doing my exam on systems-sweeps basis. I do a careful exam of the whole dog and then go through and repeat my exam with an emphasis on specific systems of concern instead of beleiving that the one-pass approach is enough.

My exams are performed on this basis: I pretend that my customer is secretly there to find out if I can find the previously diagnosed problem. In other words, there IS a problem, hidden and I am being tested to see if I can find it. If I can't find ANYTHING wrong with the dog, I am defeated in the context of finding the 'hidden' problem - but rewarded in that I would never miss something easy. Healthy exams with perfect results happen all the time, but I always approach them as if something is wrong and it's my job to find it.

Treatment Specialities

Non invasive Parvo treatments, support and management of H.G.E cases. Pancreatitis management with budgetary constraints and a HIGH degree of success. I manage diabetes with either your choice of the common Vetsulin with decent results and or my favorite, Lantus, which my son is on, as well for his diabetes. I can re-assemble a broken box turtle with stainless wire and epoxy. I spayed a snake, but only one ovary. I excel at splint design and placement and have had excellent results.

Communication Specialties

My goal is 'understanding' especially if you will be living with a problem for the rest of your companion's life. I believe in making you an applied-science expert on asthma, hepatitis, pancreatitis, COPD, EGC, allergy, atopy and any other condition that usually recurs.

I speak plain English, unless you are a nurse or doctor and want the low down. I like those cases because I can discuss the how and why of fluid balance, for example, and it's influence on the obvious hemodynamic, but also at the cellular and electrolyte level. Most people don't want all that.

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