A few thoughts of some import

About "special" corn-free diets.
I met a lady the other day. She had never had a dog before and she'd had her puppy for three weeks and brought her in for shots. While she was in there she nearly broke down crying about how she had abused and neglected her dog...."I just didn't KNOW!" she cried.
"What? What didn't you know?"
"I didn't know that corn was BAD for my puppy!"

APPARENTLY some idiot-marketing WEASEL had reached her with the fictitious-but-salesy "corn is bad message". Probably some former sporting-goods-store-clerk-cum-dog-food-expert just by buying into a parking-lot dog food franchise.....This lady was seriously traumatized....

Look ya'll.....Dogs are perennial SCAVENGERS eating ground squirrels, small, sick game-animals or juveniles, bugs, some plant material and CARRION for a living in nature.....Corn is a DELIGHT to the otherwise scrubby biology of a dog. Saying CORN IS BAD sells premium diets.

Make no mistake: IF YOU CAN AFFORD A CEREAL-FREE DIET; DO IT. It's undeniably (a little bit) better....

But to turn around in the same breath and say "Corn diets are BAD" is absolutely, reprehensibly IDIOTIC and WRONG. At that moment, when they say that, consumers should turn on their heels and LEAVE, buy a diet from SOMEONE ELSE because you were ABOUT to be ABUSED with exaggerations spewed in the name of sales, by a food salesman.

I Have a Few Words on Raw Meat Diets

They tax the kidneys...Pure protein, composing more than 70% of the dog's diet (and cat's diet) puts considerable nitrogen-recovery strain on the kidneys.
Additionally, the meat used isn't always that great. LOOK AT THE PACKAGING. You can BET that if the meat they used was USDA Prime, or Grade A, or USDA Inspected regardless of grade; THEY WOULD SAY THIS in their marketing pleonasm......If the meat is CENTER CUT (instead of trimmings) THEY WOULD SAY THAT TOO. Do you honestly believe that marketing weasels would "oops I forgot" to mention some of the most IMPORTANT credentials of the meat being used? 
Finally, be aware that the raw meat diet you might make yourself, from American meat packing plants, WILL have e. coli and sometimes, the nasty kinds. It's why we cook it.
Lastly, meat does not meet fiber, carbohydrate and water-soluble-vitamin requirements of any pet.
IF you use raw meat diets, consider Bison, Venison and other meats that are LESS likely to be hormoned. Choose meats that are GAMMA irradiated providing disnfection on par with cooking without preervatives or protein degradation...And finally, use the raw meat diet ALONG with a cereal free staple food plus or minus fruits and vegetables but in 'never-more' than 50% of the presented total diet. 50% raw meat and 50% good nutrition.

Yes, raw meat if abused or unwholesome, is not good nutrition.

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