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There is so much to say. The standards here would very much please you, if you knew them all. And, as my sister in law says "They won't know unless you tell them."

And she's absolutely right. People go through life believing that all doctors are pretty much the same because mostly, they come from medical or veterinary schools with similar standards and then take a uniform competency test.

But the IDEAS in their heads, and their motivation can be radically different.

We've all met doctors who (this is scary) BECAME doctors because their parents SAID SO. These are NOT "healers" and you can tell. They seem barely to think about you.

Then there are folks who ARE healers and, becoming a doctor was a logical eventuality for them. It's what they DO.

I'm proud of AT LEAST the following. These things are bound to surprise and educate you.

Among several other clinics, I worked at TWO clinics that used to do the low cost FOA and other discount surgeries. I noted at both places, vets washing their hands WITH THEIR GLOVES ON and re-using a kit they'd just used on a surgery. "Why are you doing that?" I asked. "Because this next one is a low cost FOA procedure and I can't afford to meet my regular standards on these." True story. Wow. In my own practice, I do not even DO low cost procedures because I would have to lie to make people believe their pet was accorded the same care as the regular ones. My regular customers would be footing the bill for my low cost ones, too.

Surgery Ward
Yes, I am a little germ-freak about surgery. It needs to be mopped with germicide daily, and smell good, and all surfaces need to be germ free. I would (I am not kidding) lick any surface in my surgery ward prior to surgery if you asked me to. I know that's entirely wierd but that is the standard.

Did you ever imagine your pet standing on a towel in its own pee in a wire crate all day? Not here. We have Shorline stainless steel cages with floor-racks and they can be cleaned spotless because the sides aren't wire and the stainless can be sprayed with decontaminant without rusting or corroding.

Dental Table
It matters that the dental table and the surgery table are NOT one-and-the same. Sure, it cost me more but when you use your surgery table for dental procedures there's a risk of leaving a mouth-bacteria around for the belly of the next surgery. Ah well.

Imagine, how do you decontaminate CARPET? We have tile from front to back. Anyplace your dog will walk, is tile. We mop with Chlorhexidine every day and if there's a spill, accident or otherwise, we can decontaminate instantly.

Exam Room One
Why does an exam room matter? Well you probably would like to see ours, but there's something about ours that's nifty.

Exam Room Two
Exam room two is just a room like exam one, but there's something about this one that's nifty, too.

Next time you're with your people-doctor, ask if they washed their hands before they came in to see you. If you're at a surgery-mill or card-table-petshop-shots-clinic, ask the same question of the Vet, or just watch how many dogs they touch before ever even thinking to wash their hands. It's amazing. Ask about it, and prepare for some stammering.

We have in-office biochemistry and CBC services. Most clinics do. It's not that exciting, really.

We're computerized. This means when you need your shots-records for boarding, we're not searching boxes. Also, since we're not working off a card-table, we have people near the phone to verify shots so you don't have to have them done twice for boarding.

Maybe a small thing, maybe not. Vaccine can't get to room temperature very long, before it denatures. On a card table - ewwwww. And a very few clinics leave the trays out, all day, every day. Ooops. Our vaccine is stored IN THE ROOM in refrigerators, and at ALL times in refrigerators WITH THERMOMETERS. In 2007 we lost $4,800 worth of vaccine (MY COST, not retail) because I left the door to the main fridge open, overnight. All for a diet coke. The thermometer said seventy, and Heather said, "To the trash".

We have them, they're tasty (I've tried every one) and they have specific purposes. They're all sort of a "pain" for me (AND you without grocery store convenience) - but sometimes they're necessary in certain medicine cases. Did you know I make about four dollars on a bag when we invoice it out? Yes, anymore, the companies make the money, and we get to fight to keep costs down just to stay open. It's ridiculous.

I resent the surgery mills and card-table shots-vets who pay NO attention to these things, and the uninformed who carelessly take advantage of these donated, expired, reused and unethical-loss-leader "services". At a lot of "charity" places, you are nothing but a dollar-sign and it's all some kind of bait-and-add-gimmick. When I am reduced to gimmicks, I quit!

DrJohnson.com is the homepage for Dr Erik Johnson's online educational outreach program. The site contains articles and information of interest to hobbyists of rather a few different kinds of pets.


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