I put some thoughts and updates in the "articles" section.

Rabies Vaccines in Cobb County
When the Coyotes get Rabies and the county is designated "endemic" people won't believe their eyes and ears....

Corn based diets
I met a lady who was nearly in tears because she was told she HURT her puppy feeding a corn based diet. Holy smokes, what some people will tell the public to sell a bag of food!

Raw Meat Diets
Okay raw meat diets have their place and some pets that get it are really amazing, glossy, strong....But there's more abuse than benefit out there. Try and know what to look for, and limit the raw meat to 50% or less of the total diet.

Dr. Erik JohnsonDr. Erik Johnson has been keeping fish for thirty years and has authored several books on the subject of fish health. Dr. Johnson has his degree in veterinary medicine from University of Georgia where he graduated in 1991. Dr. Johnson maintains several informative web sites and has taught courses on fish health including hands on techniques at the University of Georgia, University of Phoenix, Hofstra University, and Oregon State University at the Hatfield Marine Science Center.

"I will treat your pet as if it was my own, no more, and no less."

"I will give you all your viable options from specialty care and hospitalization, all the way across the spectrum to the "cheapest way out"
Then I will tell you "What I personally would do."Which is based on:
  1. Reasonable cost
  1. Best probability of satisfactory outcome
  1. Fairest to the pet
  1. Fairest to you
  1. Cutting no corners but indulging no 'extras'

DrJohnson.com is the homepage for Dr Erik Johnson's online educational outreach program. The site contains articles and information of interest to hobbyists of rather a few different kinds of pets.


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