Rabies Vaccine in Cobb County

Rabies Vaccine

Well it’s required by law, and required by us on an annualized basis in order to see your pet in any capacity. And we don’t offer a “three year” vaccine because there is considerable evidence to suggest it’s too aggressive in the first year, and not all that great in it’s third year. Nobody ever knows where the records are three years later. People forget to take care of their pets when they only get the reminder every three years and if a new strain comes up during the next 36 months, the three-year owner doesn’t know about it.

 More importantly, you might know that Cobb County is positively INFESTED with Coyotes. There are more coyotes in Cobb County than stray dogs. Probably more coyotes than there EVER were stray dogs. “We” try and keep strays to a minimum mostly because of the rabies risk. When Coyotes finally get Rabies, this area will be designated a “Rabies Endemic” area. And when that happens Cobb Countians will thank their lucky stars their pet’s Rabies vaccine is up to date with records in hand. Tags will go on pets, but (here’s the shocker) NO PET will leave the county except under special permit.

 Yeah…..When these Coyotes get ripped by Rabies, there’ll be a regular-pet lockdown.

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