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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!

Koivet.com - About twenty years ago Koivet opened as a humble assortment of little articles written by Dr. Erik Johnson about Koi and pond fish health. Things were really new then. The idea of "salt" for fish diseases was new. People were revolting against the idea. But over time, Koivet improved the understanding of fish health. Now there are numerous resources and downloads and videos of all the parasites and and and and....you name it.

DrJohnson.com: When it came time to deal with dogs, cats AND the fish health issues, it was time to open another site with the furry data. That's what this site, DrJohnson.com is about.

Mailorderpets.com: So over the years I've (Dr Johnson) bought stuff, like air pumps, chemicals, toys, fish and koi stuff even some dog and cat stuff off of Amazon.com. Of those, there were good ones. So I became an Amazon affiliate. From this site, (Mailorderpets.com) when you shop Amazon, you're supporting this (DrJohnson.com) website operating expenses.

Fishdoc.co.uk: The oldest and best UK website on fish health subjects by Frank Prince-Iles.

Watergardeners.com: Intended to be a gentle introduction to water gardening and the fish and Koi you might want to keep there. Of course their health is described, but also the ecosystem provided by the "gravel bottom" ponds and why it's a great alternative to dragster, Koi museum ponds. (Which are fine, too)

Dr. Johnson's Youtube Videos

Dr. Johnson's Facebook Presence

KoiFoods.com: So I had written a ton of stuff about Koi Food and how to read labels, what's good in foods and what's not. And I put it all here at Koifoods.com - and too, if you buy a Koi Food off that web site, Amazon will kick me back a couple dimes. Not from you, but from Amazon as a lead generator.

And of course, the book

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Johnson Vet Services
Welcome to Johnson Vet Services in Marietta, Georgia. You can "meet" me and my clinic via this link. Will not function as a means of consultation.
Doc's Book
"Koi Health & Disease" my second book title. It's a thick book with Koi and pond fish disease information and "how to" instructions on bringing Koi back to health.
What Is In That Food?
KoiFoods.com is a site that impartially looks at the ingredient lists of various foods. Some are amazing. Some are shite. There's a section in there to help you assess foods the same way.

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