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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!


Inasmuch as possible, documents will be uploaded in PDF format. I reserve all rights to these and I don't mind you USING them for presentations and all, but claiming ownership or authorship will be taken very personally. When someone uploads a PDF generally everything comes with it. Movies don't unfortunately. So I don't know how those will be 'useful' in the downloads but they're there, nonetheless. Ah technology!

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Three Year Vaccination Protocols
A researcher at KSU showed that a DOG, given Parvo vaccine, and exposed to virulent Parvo annually could sustain natural immunity for three years. Journalists took this and eventually have applied the premise to ALL dog diseases, then to cats, and then to all cat diseases. There's been a terrible misunderstanding and I think Vets ought to know better.

Sponge Filter
A diagram with parts listed and labelled for a sponge filter you can make at home that works REAL well for tanks and ponds under 200 gallons, well, 300 gallons.

Dog Diet
If you mean to cook for your dog, do it right. Your dog needs high quality, balanced protein that's easy on the kidneys but won't cause stones. And fiber.....In the form of veggies and inulin (chicory root from as surprising source) and also, carbs. Yes carbs but use Oatmeal instead of corn. Cook for your dog. Calories and nutritional analysis included.

Basics Of Koi Health
I would use this in my store two ways: First, I'd distribute it to customers. Second, I would expect all fish handlrs in my store to know all of this, as a basic "You can continue to work here" criteria.

All Fish Disease Cases are Handled the Same
From Heron stab to Bacterial Sores to KHV... the basic work up goes husbandry, water quality, history, ectoparasite biopsy, bacterial culture and virology. Usually the cases are solved in the first FOUR steps there.

Important Concepts: Given at UGA 2007
For perhaps the first time, almost ALl filtration styles are impartially discussed, ozone, UV and several other important, leading-edge topics are picked up. This is in color.

Your New Fish
How to pick and Acclimate new fish to your pond or tank. You can print this and distribute it at your pet store or garden center.

What Constitutes The Practice Of Veterinary Medicine?
When you're out in the field helping someone, are you risking legal liability by "practicing Vet medicine" without a license? The ambiguity is revealed.

How I Lost 150 lbs
A PDF file in 15 pages that documents with pictures some of the ways I lost 150 pounds in 2008. No miracle, just pain, and the ultimate realization that for me, food is an addiction, is handled addictively and can be defeated ONLY by recognizing that it is an 'enemy' to be defeated.

Advanced Disease Navigation
This was written for a course I gave to Vets I think. It's pretty straightforward. The concepts are pretty important. Identifying disease conditions, recognizing sick fish and the minimum database are described.

UGA "Ten Thingies" For Koi Health
I dunno, I didn't want to call them 'commandments' but there's ten things I thought a person should know, to be really "good" at Koi and their health. This was given at University of Georgia in 2009.

APHIS SVC Indemnity (Koi SVC) 
APHIS discussed and arrived at a plan or position in the Spring Viremia of Carp problem. When they condemn a mess of fish, they intend to remunerate the condemned. (And they would if they had the funds but no one allocated any funds to indemnify. Oops.

Wetlab Microscope Basics
The attraction of this document is the one-page nature of it. It identifies the basic parts and then the most important tenets of using a scope. A slide prep is depicted but it's a line-drawing. Black and white.

Feeding Dogs To Manage Cancer
A dog with cancer (like a person) needs nutritional support for the immune system, and to repair. This diet materially extended the life of an Osteosarcoma amputee.

Koi & Pond Biological Assessment Form
Just so you don't forget to notice something, here's a handy form you can use to simply check off the various important observations you might make in a sick fish condition. This document is freely distributable and should be used to create uniformity in the assessment of sick fish and their ponds.

The Whole WetLab in a Handout
This is a little old version of the whole wet lab rendered in PDF format in black and white. Some good pics of parasites and a lot of good information. Some information (not much but some) might be dated. But this prints nice on a BW Laser.

Broodstock Health 2008 UGA - Koi
This was given at University of Georgia in 2008 regarding health management of broodstock Koi. Life is different for them because they're often crowded for AI and then all this; in cold water. Parasites, handling and viruses are discussed.

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What Is In That Food?
KoiFoods.com is a site that impartially looks at the ingredient lists of various foods. Some are amazing. Some are shite. There's a section in there to help you assess foods the same way.

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