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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!

Discover A Pond Installer in Your State







New Jersey

North Carolina

South Carolina



No matter who you're thinking about using for a pond, make sure of five things.

  1. Bonded and insured.
  2. Able to create excitement in pond design, help you dream
  3. Able to identify pitfalls and avoidable mistakes they won't let happen BEFORE the fact.
  4. Able to identify expenses specific to your installation that differ from the "stock price" of your size pond.
  5. References and Brag Book of examples of THEIR work.

New Jersey

BJ Linger

Doc Johnson says: "Perfectionist tendencies, absolutely serious about design and landscaping, ravenous for the latest technologies in ecosystem development, A+ recommended. Stayed at my house a week on landscape and pond issues and was superlative.

Water Gardens, Ponds, Waterfalls
Pondless Waterfalls, Streams
Bog Filtration for existing or new detention basins
Custom Stone Fountains Indoor or Outdoor
Custom Landscape Installation, as well as Aquatic Plants
Designer Landscape & Underwater Lighting
Maintenance Program Available
Fully Insured

BJL Aquascapes
P.O.Box 78
Oceanport, NJ 07757

Chris "Shoes" Tallerico

Name: Chris "shuzz" Tallarico
Favorite Pond or Build: Pesci residence-Statham Residence Both in N.J.
Favorite Artist or Song: Rolling stones and most classic rock
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Built First Pond In: 6/98

Specialty: Fish Health and All Pond Construction, Skid Steer, Excavator

What This Person Did Most On This Pond: An amazing amount of shovel work, landscaping, grading. Moved all Doc's fish from the liner pond into their new home in the Aquascape facility.


Name: Glenn Kicklighter
Name of Organization: PondCare Plus
Telephone Number: 478-552-1129
Email Address: pondcare@bellsouth.net
Address: 737 W Church St.
City: Sandersville
Zipcode: Zip31082
State: Georgia
Organization Type: Pond Installer
Comments: Build ponds, water gardens. sells fish, koi & goldfish, pond supplies
URL Of Linked Page: http://www.pondcareplus.com
Website: http://www.pondcareplus.com


Name: David Panten
Employer or Company: Platinum Ponds
Specialty: Troubleshooting and Tech Support
Helped Most On : Oversight of construction
Favorite Pond or Build: My backyard paradise - 2 ponds (10x20)(20x20) with three waterfalls (2ft)(3ft)(1ft) and a 25ft brook
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: www.PlatinumPonds.com
Built First Pond In: 1958
Contact Information:
Platinum Ponds
PO Box 1581
Taylors SC 29687

Name: Richard Panten
Employer or Company: Owner, Platinum Ponds
Specialty: Custom Waterfalls, Streams, & Ponds
Helped Most On : Construction of Pond1 & 2 leading into the wetland. Finishing of edges, stepping stones and general washing of rocks.
Favorite Pond or Build: Our commerical feature with over 4 ponds, 100 ft of streams all filtered by a wetland
Favorite Artist or Song: Mac Lynch
Best Day Ever : Signing 3 pond designs and one clean out in the same day.
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: www.PlatinumPonds.com
Built First Pond In: 1991
Contact Information:
Richard Panten
PO 1581
Taylors SC 29687


Name: Mark Carter
Employer or Company: Carter's Nursery , Pond & Patio
Specialty: Custom Water Features
Helped Most On : Staging supplies and setting Big boulders .
Favorite Pond or Build: Doc's pond build is gonna be hard to beat !
Favorite Artist or Song: All I can do is write about it By: Lynard Skynard
Best Day Ever : The day my son was born !
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: My Nursery , Carter Country in Jackson , Tn.
Built First Pond In: Spring 1989
Contact Information: Carter's Nursery , Pond & Patio
2846 Old Medina Rd.
Jackson , Tn. 38305
PH # 731-424-2206
Fax # 731-423-4832

Name: Randy Young
Employer or Company: Tranquil Waterscape Designs, LLC
Specialty: Outdoor living areas with a water feature (koi pond) as the center piece
Helped Most On : Stack the rock and sling the boulders!
Favorite Pond or Build: Each one we build.....because we are changing peoples lifes and how they spend time with each other!
Favorite Artist or Song: James Taylor....Fire and Rain
Best Day Ever : When my son was born
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: www.tranquilwaterscape.com
Built First Pond In: June of 2000
Contact Information: randy@tranquilwaterscape.com
(615) 599-9976


Name: John Cenicola
Employer or Company: The Pond Crew
Specialty: Professional Pond Builder
Helped Most On : I took a lot of pictures, placed very large boulders, helped build the waterfall from the bog to the pond, Rocking in the pond enjoyed the campfire.
Favorite Pond or Build: Doc's pond was the most impressive pond that I have built. I think the setting for this pond could not have be better.
Favorite Artist or Song: Tim McGraw
Best Day Ever : The day Katy (my wife) and I became one. We also started this business together building ponds and retailing supplies.
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: www.thepondcrew.com
Built First Pond In: April 1995
Contact Information: The Pond Crew
28991 IH-10 West #260
Boerne, TX 78006

Note from Doc: John Cenicola did wayy-y-yy more than just place very large boulders, he stayed in the hole. He really did, he was on, or under almost every rock that went in. Really personable, very organized in thought and deed, just a really high quality person with a gentle demeanor and dedicated family man. A+ recommended.


Name: Dale M Vnuk
Employer or Company: Wyld Creek Water Gardens / AA Airlines
Specialty: Pond Builder / A/C Mechanic
Helped Most On : Excavator Operator Drank alot of Mrs. Js great coffee ate more food than i shouild have played with some of the finest pond builders ever.
Favorite Pond or Build: Marlboro Falls
Favorite Artist or Song: Brookes and Dunn I Believe
Best Day Ever : The Day I met met my wife Marcia
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Built First Pond In: 1995 summer
Contact Information: Dale 1-847-476-3811

Wyld Creek Inc.
601 S. US Highway 12
Fox Lake, IL 60020

Phone: 847-587-2744


Dr. Johnson adds:

Specialty: "Operating an excavator like it was his hand. Patience. Tolerance of a fair amount of abuse. Extreme pride in a good, hard day's work."

What This Person Did Most On This Pond: "Dale ran the Takeuchi excavator pretty much for the entire project, delicately placing four ton rocks past people's heads like a surgeon, and digging amazing holes to specification."

Dale was simultaneously crushed and inspired by the events of 9-11-2001 -> And it changed his life forever. I have told Dale I think he's the finest example of what it is to be an American. The changes that 9-11 brought about are a story that should be told. Ask him about it.


Name: Bill Gaut
Name of Organization: Waterscape Garden Designs
Telephone Number: (951) 966-9866
Fax Number: (866) 258-1762
Email Address: bill@ourponds.com
Address: 3337 W. Florida Ave. # 182
City: Hemet
Zipcode: 92545
State: California
Organization Type: Pond Installer
Comments: CAC, Custom pond builder
URL Of Linked Page: http://www.ourponds.com/blog
Website: http://www.ourponds.com

Name: Eric Triplett - a.k.a. "The Pond Digger"
Employer or Company: Exotic Aquatics
Specialty: Building ecologically freindly low maintenace waterscapes for fish and plants, but more importantly - people!
Helped Most On : Sweat..............
Favorite Pond or Build: Just recently we did a small water feature on my property.  I call it The Savage Watergarden.  We used distilled water to fill the pond and then planted it with carnivorous plants.  These carnivores have been a passion of mine since I was a boy and now I come home to them everynight!
Favorite Artist or Song: Edwin McCain - "I could not ask for more"
Best Day Ever : The day my son was born was a defining moment in my life and could easily go down as my best day ever!
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: www.exoticwaterscapes.com
Built First Pond In: 1991
Contact Information: Exotic Aquatics
609 Amigos Dr. Unit 1
Redlands, Ca 92373

North Carolina

Name: Dave Blocksom  
Employer or Company: Pondscapes of Charlotte
Helped Most On : Waterfall construction, matrix installation, bog installation
Favorite Pond or Build: Doc Johnson's   I have never been treated with more sincere hospitality in my life.
Favorite Artist or Song: James Brown
Best Day Ever : No question!  The day I married my wife, Sally  April 29, 1989
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: www.PondscapesofCharlotte.com
Built First Pond In: May 12, 1991
Contact Information: www.pondscapesofcharlotte.com


Name: Brian Dahle
Employer or Company: The Fishman Aquarium and Water Garden Services
Specialty: Fish Health and Customer Happiness
Helped Most On : I took the brunt of every bad joke, did all the work that no one else would do, and ate some of the best food I have had in a while, thanks to the Doc Johnson family.
Favorite Pond or Build: Tie between Doc's and one Lee Vought and I built in Ocala, FL.
Favorite Artist or Song: "My Way" both the Frank Sinatra and Sex Pistols versions
Best Day Ever : When I met my wife, and when I built my first pond of course.
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: www.fishmanservices.com
Built First Pond In: 12/23/01
Contact Information: Cell: (205) 229-3124
Email: info@fishmanservices.com
Smail: The Fishman
P.O. Box 36457
Birmingham, AL 35236

Name: S. Lee Vought
Employer or Company: Vought Water Gardens
Specialty: Constructed wetland filtration
Helped Most On : excavation and rock work.
Favorite Pond or Build: This was way up at the top!  I also enjoyed the project for FONA.
Favorite Artist or Song: bach, beatles, brooks&dunn....
Best Day Ever : Any day with my wife and kids.
Will Travel - Will Travel : checked
Site to Visit: www.voughtwatergardens.com
Built First Pond In: 1985
Contact Information: www.voughtwatergardens.com


Name: Ted J. Greiner
Name of Organization: TJB-INC
Telephone Number: 203-288-3711
Fax Number: 203-288-3213
Email Address: tjb@TJB-INC.com
Address: 12 Crest Way
City: Hamden
Zipcode: 06514-1141
State: Connecticut
Organization Type: Pond Installer
Comments: TJB-INC is a Hamden, Connecticut based custom water feature installer established in 1976.  To learn more and see photos of our work, please go to our web site www.TJB-INC.com
URL Of Linked Page: http://shop.tjb-inc.com/koi-health-and-disease-release-2---by-dr-eric-
Website: http://www.TJB-INC


Name: Thad Ariens
Name of Organization: Sulina Farm Aquatic Environments
Telephone Number: 1-800-486-8079
Fax Number: 765-647-3682
Email Address: thad@sulinafarm.com
Address: 10052 US Hwy 52
City: Brookville
Zipcode: 47012
State: Indiana
Organization Type: Koi, Filtration, Hardgoods AND Installs
Comments: Sulina Farm is a Aquascape Water Garden Retail Store and Pond Installer. We are Certified Aquascape Contractors and Water Garden Excellance Memebers. Because of this we are very interested in providing the very best in service and knowledge to our customers. We attended regularly the meetings at Aquascape Inc.  that keep us up to date with the latest in the industry.
URL Of Linked Page: http://sulinafarm.com
Website: http://sulinafarm.com

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