I picked up a few water hyacinths and lettuce two weeks ago from a river in Florida while visiting my sister. Do plants really need to be placed into quarantine anyway?

Plant Quarantine -

Potassium permanganate is all you need according to most authorities on plants.

To accomplish its molluscicidal and 'no-egg' capacities, use Double dose KMnO4 - for at least 6-8 hours. Submerge the plants completely, perhaps weighted in a laundry net bag. Aerate well.

Don't go crazy. You can kill plants with enough PP, and some plants are more sensitive than others. So just double dose and that's it.

Never double dose PP on a fish.

Plants potted in soil are a greater liability. Potted plants would best be treated with NOTHING but time, or the same PP treatment as above, but to starve out pathogens in the soil, they'd be placed in a completely fishless tub, with aerated water, in filtered (not direct) sunlight, for fourteen days if prevailing water temps are above seventy Fahrenheit. If colder, the lifecycle of the parasites/pathogens could interfere with (extend) their "lack of host" extermination.

The "lack of host" extermination method is good for plants that you think might be burned up by the PP.


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