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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!

Finding a Fishvet

Here's a list I had from a long time ago. It's mostly of different vets who now, or at one time, treated fish in their practices. Fish medicine is no longer a charity. Most of these people charge for the use of their time. There's another source of fish vets, in the Links and Resources pages.

Dr. Nadia Stegeman
Practice: Mobile Practice (Wet Vet of Texas)
Address: Austin/Houston and Surrounding Areas
Website: None
Email: nadia.stegeman@gmail.com
Phone: None
College: Tufts University
Degree: DVM
States Licensed: TX
Years of Practice: 3
Personal Experience: 5 (ornamental fish)

Specialty: freshwater ornamental fish
Research Institution: n/a

Tom McCabe, DVM

Practice: Northeast Veterinary Clinic Address: 9405 Dyer St El Paso, Texas 79924
Website: http://www.nevc.com/
Email: Phone: (915) 755-2231
College: Texas A&M Degree: DVM
States Licensed: Texas Years of Practice: na
Personal Experience: 16 Aquacultural Specialty: na
Research Institution: NO

Gary A. Schwartz, DVM

Practice: Wheaton Animal Hospital Address: 2929 University Blvd W Kensington , Maryland 20895
Email: Phone: (301) 949-1520
College: Degree: DVM
States Licensed: Maryland Years of Practice:
Personal Experience: 11 years Aquacultural Specialty:
Research Institution: No

Julius M. Tepper, DVM

Practice: Long Island Fish Hospital Address: 1010 Montauk Hwy Shirley, New York 11967
Email: Phone: (631) 281-5612
College: Degree: DVM
States Licensed: New York Years of Practice: 4
Personal Experience: 30 Aquacultural Specialty: Ornamental fish
Research Institution:

Dr. Helen E. Roberts

Practice: Aquatic Veterinary Services of Western New York Address: 2799 Southwestern Blvd Suite 100 Orchard Park, New York 14127
Email: nyfishdoc@aol.com Phone: 716-677-4477
College: University of Georgia Degree: DVM
States Licensed: NY Years of Practice: 5
Personal Experience: 25 years Aquacultural Specialty: freshwater ornamental fish
Research Institution: n/a

Michael D. Stafford DVM

Practice: Fair Grove Veterinary Service Address: 5348 E. St Hwy CC Fair Grove, Missouri 65648
Email: Fgvs@aol.com Phone:
College: University of Missouri Degree: DVM
States Licensed: MO Years of Practice: 14
Personal Experience: 14 Aquacultural Specialty: aquaculture
Research Institution: immunomodulaters

Bernard G. Levine V.M.D.

Practice: Fish Medicine Diagnostic Services Address: 224 Kettle Creek Road Toms River, New Jersey 08753
Email: bgfishdoctor@aol.com Phone: 732-864-1979
College: University of Pennsylvania Degree: V.M.D.
States Licensed: New Jersey-Pennsylvania Years of Practice: 48
Personal Experience: 10 years Aquacultural Specialty:
Research Institution: Heart Worm Disease

Dan H. Johnson
Practice: Avian and Exotic Animal Care Address: 6300-104 Creedmoor Rd Raleigh, North Carolina 27612
Website: www.avianandexotic.com
Email: drdan@avianandexotic.com Phone: 919.844.9166
College: NCSU-CVM '92 Degree: DVM
States Licensed: NC Years of Practice: 12
Personal Experience: 14 Aquacultural Specialty: 100% exotic animal
Research Institution: Adjunct Professor NCSU-CVM

Gay M. Zambrano, DVM

Practice: Zambrano Consulting Mobile Services Address: n/a n/a Stanton, California 90680
Website: www.zcmsvet.com
Email: zcms@aol.com Phone: 714-254-7974
College: Ohio State University Degree: DVM
States Licensed: CA, FL, OH Years of Practice: 13
Personal Experience: 10+ years Aquacultural Specialty: Small Animal & Exotics practice
Research Institution: n/a

Amy Kizer

Practice: Underwater Adventures, also have house call service Address: 19926 Excelsior Lane Farmington, MN (MN was not an option under state), Alabama 55024
Email: bens0148@umn.edu Phone: 612-720-6931
College: University of Minnesota Degree: DVM
States Licensed: MN Years of Practice: 2
Personal Experience: 10 Aquacultural Specialty: Marine, koi, freshwater tropical
Research Institution: Published article in Exotic DVM on ovariectomy in trout

David Landers, DVM
Practice: Address: Fort Worth, Texas 76131
Email: dfwfishdoc@yahoo.com Phone: 817.216.0258 (pager)
College: Texas A&M University Degree: DVM
States Licensed: TX Years of Practice:
Personal Experience: 15+ Aquacultural Specialty:
Research Institution: n/a

Susan Horton, DVM

Practice: Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital Address: 3735 W. Dempster St Skokie, Arkansas 60076
Website: www.exoticpetvet.com
Email: Chicagoexoticsah@earthlink.net Phone: 847-329-8709
College: University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Degree: DVM
States Licensed: Illinois Years of Practice: 10
Personal Experience: 35 Aquacultural Specialty:
Research Institution: 0

Michael J. Weiss, DVM

Practice: Koi Veterinary Services Address: 352 Greentree Road Sewell, New Jersey 08080
Website: allcreaturesvetcare@comcast.net
Email: allvreaturesvetcare@comcast.net Phone: 856-256-8996
College: Missouri Degree: DVM
States Licensed: NJ Years of Practice: 16
Personal Experience: 25 yrs Aquacultural Specialty: Exotic Pet Veterinary Medicine & surgery
Research Institution: Aquatic Surgical Equipment Adaptations

Tom Sheridan

Practice: the Folly Road Animal Hospital Address: 1038 Folly Road Charleston, South Carolina 29412
Website: www.follyroadanimalhospital.com
Email: tsheridan@scaquarium.org Phone: 843 762 4944
College: UGA Degree: DVM
States Licensed: SC,GA Years of Practice: 10
Personal Experience: since childhood Aquacultural Specialty: None
Research Institution: Sea Turtle Medicine/Rehabilitation/South Carolina Aquarium

Peter J. Werkman

Practice: Private veterinary practice = NETHERLANDS Address: Asschatterweg 11 Leusden Netherlands, Alabama 3831 JJ
Website: www.dierenartswerkman.nl
Email: werkman2@zonnet.nl Phone: 0031 33 4943142
College: Utrecht Netherlands Degree: DVM
States Licensed: Years of Practice: over 25 years
Personal Experience: over 25 years Aquacultural Specialty: foodfish, petfish
Research Institution: fish medications

David Landers, DVM

Practice: DFW Aquatic Health Services Address: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Website: www.dfwfishdoc.com
Email: drdave@dfwfishdoc.com Phone: 888.788.9696
College: Texas A&M Degree: DVM
States Licensed: TX Years of Practice:
Personal Experience: 15yr Aquacultural Specialty:
Research Institution: this is an update for a previous listing...new info

Clarence Dunning

Practice: Medicine Man Veterinary Service Address: P.O. Box 689 Morganton, North Carolina 28680
Email: nativevet@att.net Phone: 813-220-3419,828-261-0356
College: Tuskegee Universty Degree: DVM
States Licensed: Maryland,Virginia,North Carolina,Florida Years of Practice: 20
Personal Experience: 32 years Aquacultural Specialty: Zoo,exotic,aquatic
Research Institution: research biologist prior to vet school

Toby Goldman DVM

Practice: Island Pet Hospital Address: 7025 West Ann Road Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
Website: islandpethospital.com
Email: drtoby@cox.net Phone: 702-645-7387
College: Ross University Degree: BS,DVM
States Licensed: Nevada Years of Practice: 15
Personal Experience: 8 Aquacultural Specialty: Koi ponds, hotel and golf course consulting
Research Institution: Animal Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Richmond Loh

Practice: The Fish Vet Address: 20 Allison Ave Riverside Tasmania, AUSTRALIA, Alabama 7250
Website: http://www.geocities.com/thefishvet
Email: thefishvet@gmail.com Phone: +61421822383
College: Murdoch University, Western Australia Degree: BSc, BVMS, MPhil (Vet Path), MACVSc (Aquatic Animal Health)
States Licensed: Years of Practice: 5
Personal Experience: 20 years Aquacultural Specialty: Ornamentals and salmonids
Research Institution: Pathology

Dr. Brian Palmeiro

Practice: Pet Fish Doctor Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146
Website: www.petfishdoctor.com
Email: petfishdoctor@gmail.com Phone: 215-888-9624
College: University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine Degree: VMD
States Licensed: PA Years of Practice:
Personal Experience: Aquacultural Specialty: Fish Medicine
Research Institution: Koi and tropical fish health

Jena Questen DVM

Practice: Rman.com Address: 5790 E Fair AVe Centennial, Colorado, Alabama 80111
Website: rman.com
Email: questen@earthlink.net Phone: 303-721-8321
College: Colorado State University Degree: DVM
States Licensed: Colorado Years of Practice: 5
Personal Experience: Aquacultural Specialty: Koi
Research Institution: alternative medicine in fish

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