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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!

Folks ask me all the time, what's new in the new book? If I already have the first edition, should I buy the second edition?

The answer to the question is YES. The reason you should get the second book is because your first edition is probably rather worn by now. Plus, WE DROPPED about 70 pages of dated information from the first edition and replaced it with 90+ new pages of edited, revised and updated inforamtion. The book is now 204 pages long!

And, while it's thicker than ever, it's the same price as the first edition was even ten years ago! Isn't digital publishing great! "Koi Health & Disease 2006 Reload" is @ $39 per copy.

We REDUCED the font size, and improved the page layout to fit in MORE information but it STILL ran about sixty pages more than the old book.

New information: Almost everything was massaged, revised for accuracy, and we added notes of interest from the field garnered from the last ten years of practice of fish health. So everything's updated, and we added expanded information on:

Nutrition, handling, laboratory techniques, bacterial infections, Koi Herpes Virus, SVC, Tricide Neo potentiated anti bacterial dip, Praziquantel in its current usage, pond predators and much, much more.

We also added improved images. We went back to the source code on some of the original images and retouched them then we put them to digital publishing on high resolution printers and paper.

By the way, the paper and binding are top notch. This isn't copier paper simply perfect-bound. This is heavy 65lb paper with a nice spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat next to your fish, or your microscope.

>>> Order Now - "Koi Health & Disease 2006 Reload" is $35 per copy and can be overnighted!

Readers are saying:

"EXCELLENT FOR BEGINNERS...Without sacrificing plenty of depth where needed... a Koi keeper's bible!" - S.G., Ontario

"This book goes into extreme detail and gives you STEP by STEP instructions on how to save fish lives under a hundred different conditions." - Dr. Erik Johnson

"I received your book last week and have almost completely read it cover-to-cover. I'm very impressed with its content and the excellent balance between practical and technical information. If more Koi keepers owned this book, I'm sure there would be many more healthy Koi swimming today!" - Shooterdog"

"I'm very happy with "THE BOOK" A better book doesn't exist in Belgium. ---- Greetings!" - M. Demol

What It's Good At:

Step by step, recipe-type instructions on how to navigate through a disease outbreak. We offer the fastest shipping available anywhere on this book, and a great price. Even a stockbroker with no science background could save his or her fish with this manual.

Simplicity without being simplistic. Almost anyone can understand how to recover their fish from an outbreak with the proper diagnosis and care recommended in this book

Images throughout book are very clear grey scale photographs, but not full color

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this book help with Goldfish, too?

A: Oh yes. When I did the Weatherhill Goldfish book (also sold on this site) they pared out a fair amount of the dosing stuff. So Koi Health & Disease remains the last word on the "how to, step by step" and all you do, with just a couple of exceptions, is use the word "Goldfish" in place of "Koi". Injections, baths, dips, most other diagnostic and pathophysiology issues are directly correlated. Formalin and Supaverm are notable diversions but Supaverm is not in the book in it's current edition. ~ Dr. Erik Johnson (koivet.com)

Q: If I wanted to buy 40 copies of Koi Health and Disease for our club, would you be able to reduce the price? NM - Washington Koi & Water Garden Society

A: Simply email us, our customer support leader and we will make arrangements on a wholesale purchase of these items. You'd be surprised what you could buy at extremely favorable club prices when you achieve a 'dozen' pack order.

>>> Order Now - "Koi Health & Disease 2006 Reload" is $35 per copy and can be overnighted!


Koi Health & Diseases is an incredible guide to koi problems. I have raised koi for ten years and lost a lot of them due to my ignorance. I can not express what a great guide Koi Health & Diseases is. I sat down and read the entire book when it came, nodding at the observations and realizing, "Yep, I made that mistake, yep, I did that too". It should help me to avoid mistakes in the future. Thank you for sending it.

T. Hicks

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