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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!

These "shotgun" remedies are a poor substitute for knowledge, a microscope and preventative quarantine of all incoming fish. But, sometimes things happen and you need success fast. The article describes medicines that fit together pretty well to cover MOST of the bases.

Never use Supaverm on Goldfish.

Shotgun Therapies for Koi

ShotGun Therapy Number One (Koi Only)

  1. Water testing
  2. Salting to 0.3%
  3. SupaVerm 1ml/100gal
  4. Diflubenzuron
  5. Medicated food

Concepts behind this method:
Salt controls the majority of ciliated protozoan parasites.
Medicated food, in lieu of injections, controls the development of bacterial infections which might be brought on by transportation stress.
SupaVerm is completely safe to use with salt and control Flukes, which are extremely common, very completely. SUPAVERM kills goldfish!
Diflubenzuron eliminates all crustacean parasites including Argulus and Lernea.
Water testing is important because in quarantine, water quality sometimes sags. This compounds the fishes' stress and is worse than no quarantine at all! Also, fish will NOT get over their various ailments in poor water quality!

Problems with this Shotgun regimens
Regimen number one can't be used on Goldfish, because of the incorporation of SupaVerm as a fluke remedy. Perhaps substituting Prazi would resolve this issue. They are more expensive.
Costia can survive this regimen.
If fish won't eat, then the medicated food will not achieve its objective.

Shotgun Regimen Number TWO

  1. Water Testing
  2. Salting to 0.6%
  3. Drop Salt to below 0.3% before Formalin
  4. Formalin, using the 120 minute method
  5. Achieve: 25 ppm for goldfish
  6. Achieve: 50 ppm for Koi
  7. Medicated food

Concepts behind this method:
"The Costia workaround", because Formalin spares no parasites.
50 ppm is obtained by applying 2 cc of Formalin 37% per ten gallons of water.
This regimen is perfectly okay for Goldfish if you go light (25ppm) on the Formalin.
25 ppm is obtained by applying one cc of Formalin 37% per ten gallons of water.
Increase aeration for this regimen while Formalin is being deployed.
After 120 minutes, the Formalin is to be mostly removed by a 50-70% water change.

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