Koi & PondFish Water Quality

Water Quality

Water Clarity
Everybody wants it but sometimes it's hard to get. High aeration is the best solution followed in a close second by live plants. Especially in quarantine. But there are many other options.

Constant Water changes
The venerable drip system works great on Koi and fish ponds. Improved water quality, better fish health and less work among other benefits. Consider it! It takes $40 or less to create.

Oxygenation / Aeration for Koi & Pond Fish
Fish gills are basically their lungs, turned inside out, into the water. They can absorb very low levells of oxygen. How much oxygen is enough? What factors influence this?

Nitrites in Koi, Goldfish and Pond Fish Water Quality
Ammonia is broken down into Nitrite. Who cares? And Why? Is there a treatment for Nitrites?

Nitrites are converted into Nitrates
As a long term (ever-ongoing) condition of fish keeping, Nitrates may be the most important parameter facing the hobbyist. Non toxic? I think not.

Nitrates - The Full Story
This is the "long story" on Nitrates if you want to understand them and their importance in fish health. Nitrates are not all bad - they're plant food after all.

Ammonia in Koi and Goldfish Environments
Koi and goldfish hardly pee at all. Their ammonia (waste product not unlike pee) LEAKS out of their gills. If there's a lot of ammonia in the water, the fishes' ammonia can't leak out. They die. What IS ammonia and what can we do??

Another Article on Ammonia
What makes you think ONE article on Ammonia is enough? This site is so commplete you get TWO! Ammonia in fish tanks is just as much a problem as in ponds.

What Is This Oxygen?
How do you know if there's enough? How can you make sure you're giving enough and what else should I know. (Not the aeration article)

PH Crash - When the pH Falls Overnight
All biological processes from pllant respiration to fish respiration to solids-decay will reduce pH and eventually, it sags and falls. PH of under 6.0 can easily kill some pond fish.

Carbon Dioxide in Ponds
Carbon dioxide is exhaled by fish (through their gills) as well as every single bacteria and even plants (for half the 24 hours day!) and it is DYNAMIC and you should know what makes it tick.

Chlorine and Dechlorination
Chlorine and dechlorination are important because the city adds this to the water to kill germs and with enough of it, kills the fish too. Simple solutions.

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