This Study Would Short Circuit The Need for a Million Dollar Koi Herpes Virus Vaccine, and Would Probably Cost $5,000

We should grow KHV in carp fin cell lines and then demonstrate the virus particles in the media. Then, in a highly oxygenated environment I want the cultures to be heated gradually (one degree per hour) to 83 degrees Fahrenheit, and a second tray to 86o F. Then I want these cultures to be examined via EM again to show the presence and or condition of the virus in the cells.

This study would conclude at least two things:
1. In the absence of the Koi immune system in the cell lines - it could no longer be argued that the Koi immune system accounts for the beneficial effects of heating the virally infected fish to 86.
2. We may be able to show that the virus (being heat labile) is denatured / coagulated at those temperatures.

The results would create a high confidence interval that heating Koi is an effective way of ridding the fish of the virus and so heating could become the accepted and traditional "cure" for KHV without the half-million dollar investment in vaccine research. We could use the money that is saved, for a trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for all concerned parties and Margaritas for a month. Or, seriously, we could put the money saved into better drugs for Costia. Perhaps a tame toluidine stain or a perfect dosing regimen for Acriflavine for Costia.

I thank you for your attention.

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