Diflubenzuron is the active ingredient in Anchor's Away, Dimilin, Anchor Control and Express IDI.

Dimilin is a restricted use pesticide with a specific spectrum against insects and crustaceans.

Therefore, it is highly effective against Lernea and Argulus.Common names for these parasites are 'Anchor Worm' and 'Fish Lice' respectively.

Dimilin is toxic to invertebrates*, so don't let the water run into rivers or creeks.

*(Will kill crayfish, water fleas, etc.)

If you are using Dimilin D25W - there are instructions below.

If you are using Anchor's Away, API's Dimilin, or any other commercially available Fish dimilin, follow label directions.

To use Uniroyal/Crompton's Dimilin D25W

Mix Dimilin with water and apply at a rate of one gram per 1,000 gallons to be treated.Published dosage is between 0.03 and 0.06 ppm.

Restated: For 1,000 gallons, mix 1 gram dry 25% agricultural grade Dimilin in some water, mix well, then sprinkle it over the surface of your 1,000 gallon system.

For 100 gallons, dissolve 1 gram in 100 cc water, then use 10 cc of the suspension. Do not try to save the rest of the suspension.

If you do not have a gram scale or a balance-beam: 1 gram Dimilin fits neatly into a level 1/2 teaspoon measure.

1 level (non-packed) teaspoon equals @ 2 grams.


Reapply at 30-60 day intervals for season-long control.

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