One Method of Koi Herpes Virus Control

Superheating Koi salvages most fish, and [so far] leaves them free of the virus.

This “magic” temperature is 83-86o F for at least 4-5 days.

Heated Koi will summarily die if a bacterial or parasitic co infection is NOT controlled during heating.

Some fish are too far gone.

Heating Technique

YOU MUST Diagnose or treat co infections with parasites or bacteria

Push them “up” with high aeration as fast as one degree an hour until they hit 86 DF

Hold there for 5-7 Days.

You will lose the weak and save the strong!

Loss of color can happen.


More on Heating

The Israeli researchers use to heat to stop KHV. They do this two to three times to create “resistant fish” complete with antibodies.

Fish which are NOT heated to stop the virus may still have virus particles in their tissues.

An immune response only seems possible after 21 to 30 days. This is what has necessitated the infection -> Heating > Reinfection process.

Heating For 7 Days

Electric Heat is the quickest – Gas heat is the cheapest.

Titanium drop in heaters

Spa heaters are on their way with digital controls.

Paint Bucket Heaters on a Ranco NEMA Thermostat

Home Made heater elements on 12 Guage on Nema Thermostat are like $100 TOTAL!

Koi Heat™ - Probably a “must” for all serious hobbyists and retailers.

Post Infection Blues

So you save a bunch of fish, what then???

Early Statistics:

Every KHV case that resolved and introducing new fish suffered ZERO mortalities in new fish.

KHV Survivor ponds do NOT re-break in Spring.

So, how does it survive from season to season? Virus remains latent in cold water.

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