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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!

Can we use Ageusia for weight loss?

Ageusia is the intentional or accidental elimination or absence of "taste"


Interesting thought. My taste is now back after I stopped taking Lamisil. It took about 10 weeks to return to normal. When I was going through this, I actually thought this would be a good way to help people diet. Your food intake decreases because you lose the desire/pleasure of eating. The only problem is nothing tastes good, including nutritional food. That could be a problem. Hope this helps, Mike

Subject: Re: Lamisil Loss of Taste Ageusia From Dr Johnson Lost over 12 lb. over 10 weeks this summer after losing sense of taste from Lamisil. I am an RN and am more than willing to assist. Kathy

From Sandy

Dr. Johnson, I was on the Lamisil for 30 days when I noticed my Diet coke tasted funny and then the food tasted weird. As the days progressed anything that was sweet tasted like raw cocoa and water tasted like baking soda. I could barely stand to eat anything at all for almost 5 months. I was already at a normal weight when this happened and my Dr. told me I had to eat to keep from being put in the hospital. I lost about 14 pounds off of my normal weight and realized unless I forced myself to eat I was going to be very sick. My taste eventually came back and I have been able to gain the weight back.

There were about 15 of us who talked back and forth on the Internet and although everybody was pretty miserable everybody lost weight. My DR told me I was his only patient that this had ever happened to so I guess it is not common or some people just don't report it. When I spoke with Novartis they told me it could take up to 18 months or longer to regain my taste from some of the cases that had been reported to them. Some people lost over 20 pounds on the Lamisil and got rid of their toenail infection as well. My pharmacist told me it was or sounded to him like the Lamisil causes a chemical reaction in the brain in some while not affecting others. Poison was one word he used.

Me I think it has to do with the fact they give everyone the same dose and maybe it should be based on your weight or age or something although the people I talked to on the Internet really had nothing we could find in common that would have caused this. I hope this helps you because I have heard that Lamisil may help people to lose weight. Although I think diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight and keep it off it may in some way help someone who is desperate to lose weight. I was more concerned that it may have affected my liver function and that it possibly could kill me if taken long term.

Good luck with your research and let me know if you find out why this affects some while not affecting others. My toenail is still clear but I don't know yet if I had taken enough of the Lamisil to kill the fungus or not and don't know what the Dr. will do if it returns. Sincerely, Sandy

Hello Thank you so much. So far - everyone I am contacting writes that they lose weight, and the best part is that they lose about one pound per week which meets AMA and other guidelines for sensible weight loss. In other words, it would seem that with TASTE gone, they eat only to curb hunger, and their diet choices could be expected (or required) to be healthy just as soon as unhealthy since it all "tastes" the same - or doesn't taste at all. Better still, from an execution of ageusia standpoint: It's encouraging that sports medicine has developed nerve blocks which range from temporary to permanent. This would make it possible to design a protocol to block the various cranial nerves responsible for taste... Which better still - are SEPARATE from the simple sensory nerves of the tongue (so while you would not taste anything, you would not ALSO be chewing up your tongue insensate.

What I would like to know is:
1. Do you think a person or persons who ONLY lose taste and retain aroma would still lose weight? Or do they have to lose both? (Did you lose both?)
2. Do you anticipate that (did you find that) patients would find this TOO depressing, resulting in emotional disruption of unacceptable types?
Would it have felt different if they said, I am sorry ma'am, this is permanent. (Would you have had a major psychological event?)
I am probably over the line - there might be some law, right?
-So don't answer anything that bugs you. I should share - that I am very overweight and bariatric surgery is out of the question for me. So I am looking at this with a VERY personal interest, as well as for patients.
Thank you Erik

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Dear Dr. Johnson, I guess the best answer I can give you would be that yes I lost both taste and smell and yes it was very depressing to me and if they had told me it was permanent I would probably be on a feeding tube in the hospital or worse yet dead from starvation. Like I said though I was at my normal weight when this happened and I felt like I was starving to death until I got use to not eating. Only thing is if my Dr. had not threatened me I would have chose not to eat at all. Food tasted really really horrible including water. I smoke and even cigarettes were bad. I had lost about 85 pounds prior to this on a Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice diet and maybe if I hadn't already lost all the weight I might have kept on the Lamisil to keep losing the weight. There was one lady who was overweight and was thrilled to lose the weight but since she has regained her taste she has regained all of it plus some. I regained the 14 I lost plus and additional 10 after my taste came back and now have had to restart exercise and watching what I eat. This is no magic cure but it could possibly help jump start your weight loss to where you would want to continue losing weight but I still feel weight loss is all about lifestyle changes. I hope this helps you in some way. Sincerely Sandy

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