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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!

Why Spay My Pet? What is a spay?

In the spay procedure, the dog or cat is given an anesthetic to make it unconscious of pain during the procedure. An incision is made, and the surgeon then removes both the ovaries and uterus of the pet, leaving a small line of sutures on the belly. The sutures are removed in 10 days and the pet is soon "as good as new".

With Humane Societies and Pounds putting millions of animals to death annually for reasons of overpopulation, I consider the Spay an important step in stopping unwanted deliveries at the home-front level. The costs are reasonable and the benefits to the dog or cat are numerous, as will be detailed in this document.

A spay is one of the most important things you can do for your pet, and for the population at large!

My spay prices are as low as I can make them without sacrificing safety, or animal comfort. The goal is to permit even the most frugal person to be able to provide this important procedure for their pet. You can have the procedure performed many places. Make sure you get the name and understand the reputation of the veterinarian actually performing the procedures - there are unlicensed foreign vets doing spays and neuters "coat-tailing" a single American vet's license. It's legal.

A spay is somewhat painful, but so is a root canal, and we benefit greatly in spite of the temporary discomfort. Pain from a spay is most evident for 12 hours post operatively, but dogs and cats quickly regain their lively demeanor and begin eating and acting normal within two or three days! At our clinic we use some Rimadyl or derramax plus or minus Tramadol if pain seems to be significant.

Spaying also has these benefits:

* 1. It significantly decreases, (and can eliminate), the chances of later breast cancer in the patient.

* 2. It decreases roaming by eliminating the "heat" experienced by the intact female, which decreases the chances of an unexpected attempted-trip across a busy road.

* 3. It stops heat behavior, which permits a good nights sleep for cat owners, and eliminates bloody "show" in the female dog.

* 4. It eliminates the chances of infected uterus, or "Pyometra", which is not uncommon in intact geriatric pets.

* 5. It eliminates the chances of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, which takes a burden off you as a taxpayer supporting crowded shelters.

* 6. Finally, spaying a dog stops False Pregnancies, which wear on a pet's body and mind, thinking and feeling like it has puppies on the way.

Spaying a female dog will cause a propensity towards OBESITY so we recommend simply changing diets to a lower calorie formulation after spay, even if still a puppy, something with 7-8% crude fat at most.

† Please call for an appointment.

Any animal submitted for surgery must have had basic immunizations in order to prevent disease transmission in the hospital. Animals are to be submitted on an empty stomach! Most animals are released the same day.

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